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Infrarot-Horizont der flachen Erde auf von 10km Höhe - erstaunliches Phänomen!

vor 1 Jahr

An infrared filter lets us see at incredible distances through smoke and haze from 32 800 feet, all the way out to the horizon it seems. Unbelievable flat earth phenomena, what does all this mean?

edit: 7/26/2018 I don't endorse any particular products, but like I said in the video I'm using a 4k Sony HDR AX53 camcorder, which has the night shot feature, and an infrared long pass filter (IR 950) made my Zomei, but there are other brands out there, search on camera stores or Amazon. The curve some people mention may be haze non uniformity, window curvature effect combined with wide angle lens the camera uses, or might just be the actual curve of the earth or our perception of the circular limits of visibility, which has a lower elevation based on refraction of light in the atmosphere. At boundaries between two materials with different index of refraction there is a minimum angle beyond which total reflection occurs, just like looking in a pool of water, where that angle is much steeper, but here quite shallow. I'll have more to say about that in future videos.