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Veterans Struggling & The War At Home

vor 4 Jahren

The death of American Sniper Chris Kelly has raised awareness of veterans struggling with PTSD and the failures of the VA to care for struggling members of the military. How vets are shamed out of seeking help, caught in cycles of disadvantage, and how the public offers support in the form of second hand clothes to people that have struggled in war and at home is discussed with Jack Downing of We Soldier On. It is a sobering discussion on the challenges facing troops after they return home, on this uncensored Media Mayhem interview, hosted by Allison hope Weiner.

John F. Downing is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the United Veterans of America, Inc. Since joining the organization in 2001, he has restored and expanded the important UVA partnerships with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Labor on behalf of formerly homeless veterans. Mr. Downing has developed innovative programs in housing and clinical services for veterans including a transitional living facility with studio apartments in Pittsfield, Ma, called the Berkshire Veterans Residence, opened in the fall of 2004.

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00:01 Welcoming Jack Downing to Media Mayhem.
01:30 Does the media properly portray PTSD?
04:10 Do we use PTSD as a catch all phrase for anyone returning from war?
05:30 Eddie Ray Routh’s former psychosis needs to be discussed, not just his PTSD.
06:15 Are veterans still being shamed for attempting to get help or are they not receiving proper treatment?
9:00 If Veterans are entered into Veteran Affairs system with a label of PTSD they are not allowed back into combat.
10:00 What is being done internally at Veteran Affairs to educate their staff about PTSD?
13:45 How Jack Downing would radically change the Veteran Affairs.
17:50 The media’s portrayal of the Veteran Affairs has been accurate according to Jack Downing.
21:45 The problems and dangers of veterans helping other veterans without trained caregivers.
26:40 Have we gone too far with calling all veterans heroes? Are we hurting more than helping?
32:10 We take soldiers out of poor areas and put them back after they return home.
35:10 Does the media accurately portray the majority experience of returning military members?
37:10 What can a person say to their representatives to help veterans? How can they support programs like Soldier On?
38:00 How to contact Soldier On.
40:20 Thank you and goodbye.