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Venezuela, Colombia, Breast Implants and Corruption with Jason Batansky

vor 4 Jahren

Venezuela, Colombia, and the corruption that has flourished--plus the unusual drought of breast implants and the strange political alliances made with the United States are all discussed with writer and traveller, Jason Batansky. We look at the Colombian civil war, human rights abuses, the FARC, paramilitary support from the United States, and how Hugo Chavez’ government’s dealings with China and the rest of the world has reshaped the political landscape of Latin America in this Lip News interview hosted by Elliot Hill.

Jason Batansky is a 26-year old writer and entrepreneur who has been traveling and living throughout Latin America since his first trip to Colombia in 2007. With a degree in Anthropology and unique on the ground experiences in many countries around the world, Jason has been in constant motion experiencing and observing the national politics, economics, and societies he visits. A handful of his recent experiences include sneaking into a Bolivian prison and Ecuadorian prison, attending private Colombian parties with military commanders and beauty queens, appearing as Aladdin in a Dominican Republic film with the host of the Miss Venezuela contests, exploring Rio’s favelas, and a motorcycle diaries esq trip in Argentina. Currently based in Bogota, Colombia, Jason recently wrote an article about the shortage of Venezuela’s breast implants for the Daily Beast.

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00:01 Welcoming Jason Batansky, writer and entrepreneur living and traveling in Latin America since 2007.
00:20 Venezuela’s shortage of breast implants.
02:45 Hugo Chavez called women who would get plastic surgery “a monstrous thing.”
07:25 Venezuela has the cheapest oil in the world, and they’ll give it to places like China to pay off debts.
12:50 Venezuela and Colombia have the best relationship they’ve had in as long as people can remember.
16:00 Colombia has been much more of an alley to the U.S than Venezuela has ever been.
21:26 Colombia’s human rights record.
23:27 Thanks and goodbye.