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THE POSER - Novel Exposes Black Comedy Behind Stardom

vor 4 Jahren

THE POSER author Jacob Rubin discusses his novel about the desire for stardom and the dark comedy of errors it creates in the identity of fame-seekers in an uncensored talk with Allison Hope Weiner. The malleability of identity and the compromises artists are forced to make in the quest for recognition are explored as Rubin explains his background in performance and how he transitioned to writing novels and film, in this Media Mayhem interview.

Jacob Rubin lives in New York City and his writing has appeared in the anthology Best New American Voices, New York magazine, The New Yorker, Slate, The New Republic, n+1, and other publications.
THE POSER is a strange and delightful comic novel that at its heart speaks to the power of performance, impersonation, acting, and what it means to find the essence of someone, and of yourself. In our contemporary climate of scripted-reality shows, the idea of becoming a star for performing yourself (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc.) is by now completely normal. So what happens when your performance goes so far that you almost fool yourself?
In some refracted way, author Jacob Rubin’s life inspired his darkly comic novel. Like Bernini, Rubin is a performer and Times Square, a screenplay he co-wrote, was recently acquired by Focus Features.

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00:00 Welcome Jacob Rubin to Media Mayhem.
00:50 The inspiration for The Poser.
02:50 Is writing a novel more vulnerable than other forms of performing?
04:30 Did Rubin base the lead character’s family on his own family?
06:15 Why does Giovanni feel the need to become the people that he meets?
08:15 Are actors uncomfortable with being themselves?
10:30 To what extent is the relationship with his mother a detriment to Giovanni?
13:15 Is Giovanni’s gift initially perfectly healthy?
14:25 How does the professional aspect of Hollywood play into the novel?
17:20 The time period of the book and how that plays into the book.
20:00 How old Hollywood is still in new Hollywood.
21:10 Giovanni’s journey to Hollywood and his need for attention.
22:30 Is happiness attainable for a performer like Giovanni?
24:00 The influence of psychology in The Poser.
26:45 Dana Carvey as George HW Bush and being a great impressionist.
29:00 Thank you and goodbye.