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Robert Durst Letter Evidence, ‘The Jinx’ & Case For Murder

vor 4 Jahren

The Robert Durst murder case and key evidence uncovered by “The Jinx” documentary filmmakers are discussed with former FBI profiler Jim Fitzgerald. We talk about the collaboration between the filmmakers/journalists and police, including the letter about Susan Berman’s body, and look at a missing Vermont college student that Durst has been linked to, in this full length Crime Time episode with host Allison Hope Weiner.

James R. Fitzgerald was the Program Manager of Threat Assessment/Forensic Linguistics at the Behavioral Analysis Unit 1 of the FBI. Fitzgerald knew little about profiling or linguistics when he joined the FBI in 1987. But, while assigned to the field office in New York City, he worked cases involving stalking or threatening letters sent to Jane Pauley, Bryant Gumbel, Don Imus, Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh, among others.

In 1995, Fitzgerald became a profiler at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Va. As part of Fitzgerald’s profiler training, he learned about analyzing communications. He later obtained a Master’s degree in linguistics from Georgetown University. (This was his second MS. His first was in Organizational Psychology at Villanova University.) As he has at his present company, The Academy Group, Fitzgerald created a linguistic-oriented database of threatening and/or suspicious letters, similar to one the Secret Service maintains.Fitzgerald now works for the Academy Group in Manassas, Va., which provides profiling services for private industry as well as a university instructor, author, and technical advisor for television programs (Criminal Minds) involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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00:01 Welcoming Jim Fitzgerald to Crime Time.
01:45 Robert Durst’s new trial coming out of the release of The Jinx.
02:55 Durst’s letter sent to the Beverly Hills Police about Susan Berman’s body.
05:10 The misspelling of Beverly on the note.
07:50 Why didn’t Durst treat his other victims the way he treated Berman?
10:45 Does Durst behavior or speech during The Jinx give away his guilt?
14:25 What is the psychological reason for going on TV prior to trial?
16:30 How much will the media coverage hinder or help the prosecution during the trial?
20:00 What evidentiary issues might come up as a result of Andrew Jarecki’s documenting?
23:10 Do you think the comments he made in the bathroom were a truthful confession?
27:50 Durst’s other victims and the disappearance of a Middlebury College freshman.
31:26 How to connect Durst’s victims.
34:00 Did Durst feel the need to talk to someone about what he had done?
37:05 Thank you and goodbye.