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Robert Durst Confession & Arrest, Robert Levinson + Rogue 47 Republicans

vor 4 Jahren

Robert Durst of HBO’s show, THE JINX has been arrested for murder following a taped confession that was used in the final episode of the 6-part documentary. Durst’s crime history, restroom confession, and whether he wanted to be caught is explored with Christopher Voss, who also looks at the hostage situation that has been going on nearly eight years in Iran and how the governments of Iran and the US have been playing a bizarre game of denial that has left Robert Levinson imprisoned. We then look elsewhere in the Middle East, to how the rogue 47 Republican senators that sent a letter to Iran have been steered by embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in this uncensored episode of Crime Time, hosted by retired FBI, Jim Clemente.

Christopher Voss is the managing director of Institute Security's Kidnapping Resolution Practice (since 2009) and a consultant with the Triad Consulting Group. He is also an adjunct Professor at USC's Marshall School of Business. He was previously an adjunct lecturer at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and the founding CEO of the Black Swan Group, a negotiation consulting firm.
A retired FBI agent, from 2000-07 Voss was Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit and the lead negotiator to the US National Security Council Hostage Working Group and the Group of Eight. For his negotiation work Voss has been awarded the Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement and the FBI Agents Association Award for Distinguished and Exemplary Service.

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00:00 Welcome Chris Voss to Crime Time.
01:00 Robert Durst and why he would participate in the HBO special The Jinx.
03:00 Robert Durst’s crime history.
06:45 Audio Clip: Durst in the restroom.
07:15 Is this an admission of guilt?
09:10 Did Durst forget he had the mic or did he actually know?
11:45 Did Andrew Jarecki have anything to do with the arrest of Durst?
14:25 It’s usually difficult to convict someone famous.
15:22 Robert Levinson is the longest held US hostage in history. What got him in that position?
17:50 Does the Iranian government know where Levinson is?
20:55 Why did the CIA say that Levinson was on a rogue operation?
23:40 The FBI director James Comey has offered to pay a reward for Levinson.
25:11 Comey has upped the reward from $1 million to $5 million.
26:25 The Rogue Senators were being manipulated from Netanyahu.
28:55 Isn’t Congress attempted to make this a lame duck presidency?
30:35 Why is Congress deliberately interfering in Iran negotiations?
33:05 Iran’s response to the letter from the 47 Senators.
35:12 The letter was a cry for attention.
35:30 Thank you and goodbye.