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Reckless Tortuga: How To Blow Up On YouTube with Jason Schnell

vor 4 Jahren

Reckless Tortuga have conquered YouTube with Racist Elevator, Online Gamer, Psycho Girlfriend, and other hilarious viral videos. We look at the videos and talk with Tortuga’s Jason Schnell about making comedy without limits on YouTube, the upcoming Reckless Tortuga film, and the working relationship he has with his wife, Lindsey Reckis--plus much more in this uncensored interview for The Insiders, hosted by Sebastian Twardosz.

Jason Schnell was born in New York. He likes to remind everyone of that even though he only lived there until he was 3. He grew up in Los Angeles and decided early on to be a filmmaker. He has worked professionally as Director, Producer, Editor, and Cinematographer on many projects that nobody saw. Jason's life long dream came true when he got a short into the Sundance Film Festival. Since then he thinks he knows everything and spends his time making Reckless Tortuga content hoping that one day he can return to Park City.

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00:01 Welcome to The Insiders.
00:05 Introducing Jason Schnell.
00:15 Clip: “Elevator.”
01:30 “Reckless Tortuga,” going viral, and moving from shorts to a web series.
06:00 Clip: “Psycho Girlfriend.”
06:30 Development, casting, shooting, and the success of “Online Gamer.”
09:45 Clip: “Online Gamer.”
10:30 YouTube censorship, building an audience, and advertising.
15:00 Bypassing college, coming up with the name “Reckless Tortuga,” and Sundance short.
20:10 Clip: “Max and Josh.”
23:00 “Bad Roomies” feature.
26:30 Clip: “Reckless Tortuga” sizzle.
28:00 Thanks and goodbye.