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Racist Police Blog THEE RANT Exposes NYPD, With ProPublica's Joaquin Sapien

vor 4 Jahren

Racist police and former NYPD blog postings on THEE RANT have exposed a culture of anger and unapologetic discrimination at the New York Police Department. With attention being drawn to police brutality and insensitivity, we discuss THEE RANT with journalist Joaquin Sapien of ProPublica. Ed Polstein and the roots of THEE RANT, plus disturbing statements on Eric Garner and people of color in the city, and if the concern over the blog is an accurate depiction of the NYPD culture is all explored in this uncensored Media Mayhem interview, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

Since joining ProPublica in May 2008, reporter Joaquin Sapien has delved into criminal justice, military healthcare, and environmental issues. In 2010 he partnered with the Sarasota Herald-Tribune to produce an award-winning series of stories about contaminated drywall. In 2009 he was part of a team whose work on natural gas drilling won the Society of Professional Journalists award for online non-deadline investigative reporting. From 2005 until 2008 he was a reporter for the Center for Public Integrity, where he led a year-long investigative project, “Superfund’s Toxic Legacy,” which received the 2007 Society of Professional Journalists award for non-deadline online reporting. Before joining CPI, Sapien wrote for Environmental Media Services.

Media Mayhem Full Episodes Playlist:
Media Mayhem Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Joaquin Sapien to Media Mayhem.
00:58 Reporting on shocking racism of THEE RANT, A disturbing window into the mindset of police.
02:20 Who is writing for THEE RANT?
03:30 An excerpt from THEE RANT on Eric Garner.
05:45 The start of the blog, and the firing of Ed Polstein from the NYPD.
07:23 Does the blog accurately reflect the NYPD?
10:17 Prosecutorial misconduct and oversight.
12:45 Where do complaints come from against prosecutors?
14:05 Thanks and Goodbye!