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Psychedelics, Mass Extinction & Evolution: Daniel Pinchbeck on Harper Simon’s TALK SHOW

vor 4 Jahren

Psychedelics, avoiding mass extinction and the possibility of human evolution steering us from the brink of collapse is discussed with author Daniel Pinchbeck. The ancient roots of psychedelics, as well as their science and effect on humans is explored,along with the possibility of changing the self-destructive course of humanity through modern technology and social media like Facebook are explored. What was the true impact of 2012, and have we seen the return of Quetzalcoatl? Harper Simon hosts this mind expanding interview for Talk Show.

Daniel Pinchbeck is the author of Breaking Open the Head (Broadway Books, 2002), 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006), and Notes from the Edge Times (Tarcher/Penguin, 2010). His essays and articles have been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Rolling Stone, ArtForum, The New York Times Book Review, The Village Voice, and many other publications. In the 1990s, he co-founded and co-edited the literary journal Open City, with Thomas Beller and Robert Bingham. At various times, he has been a regular columnist for Art & Antiques, The Art Newspaper of London, Arthur, Conscious Choice, and Dazed & Confused.
His life and work were featured in the documentary 2012: Time for Change, directed by Joao Amorim and produced by Mangusta Films. He has been interviewed by The Colbert Report, Coast to Coast AM, The History Channel, Whitley Streiber’s Unknown Country, BrandX with Russell Brand, Interview Magazine, Purple, and many other places.
He is the host of a new talk show, Mind Shift, which seeks to explore the evolution of technology and spirituality, and our potential for the future. Mind Shift appears on Gaiam TV.

Talk Show Full Episode Playlist:
Talk Show Episode Highlights Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Daniel Pinchbeck to Talk Show.
01:36 Open City Magazine, Vibe Magazine and spiritual crisis.
05:13 The media and our egos.
07:46 Psychedelic roots.
09:00 The science and impact of psychedelics.
12:15 The psychedelic renaissance and cultural evolution.
15:51 Climate change and mass extinction.
20:33 Using Facebook and NGOs to advocate change.
25:04 "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl."
30:32 Thank you and goodbye.