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PROPHET’S PREY - Warren Jeffs FLDS Documentary with Jon Krakauer + Amy Berg

vor 4 Jahren

PROPHET’S PREY, the documentary examination of Warren Jeffs and his fundamentalist sect of the Church of Mormon is shared by director Amy Berg and author Jon Krakauer, direct from the film’s 2015 Sundance Film Fest premiere. With clips from the movie, we get insight from Krakauer about his book, UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN, which was inspiration for the film, and how Berg came to work with him on the documentary. Warren Jeffs’ history of brainwashing and exploitation, the insular and dangerous life on FLDS compounds, and how the story was put together is shared with BYOD, hosted by Ondi Timoner.

When Warren Jeffs rose to prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, he bridged the gap between sister wives and ecclesiastically justified rape, befuddling the moral compass of his entire congregation.

Amy Berg is a critically-acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker. She was nominated for an Academy Award® for her documentary DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2006) before she went on to direct WEST OF MEMPHIS, a documentary about the failure of the justice system in the West Memphis Three case. She worked in collaboration with producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, and the film premiered to rave reviews at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and was BAFTA nominated. Sony Pictures Classics released the film in Fall 2012.

Jon Krakauer, Author of UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN (subject matter doc is based on). In 1996 Krakauer climbed Mt. Everest, but a storm took the lives of four of the five teammates who reached the summit with him. An analysis of the calamity he wrote for Outside magazine received a National Magazine Award. The unsparingly forthright book he subsequently wrote about Everest, Into Thin Air, became a #1 New York Times bestseller and was translated into more than twenty-five languages. It was also Time magazine's Book of the Year, and was one of three finalists for the Pulitzer Prize.
His 1996 book, Into the Wild, remained on the New York Times bestseller list for more than two years.
In 2003, Krakauer published Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith, about religious fundamentalism in the American West. While researching Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman, published in 2009, Krakauer spent five months embedded with combat forces along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. In 2011, he published Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way. All of his proceeds from this latter work have been donated to the Stop Girl Trafficking program at the American Himalayan Foundation.

BYOD Full Episodes Playlist:
BYOD Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Amy Berg and Jon Krakauer of PROPHET’S PREY to BYOD.
00:46 Collaborating with Nick Cave and Noriko Shinohara.
01:57 UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN, and the story of FLDS in Utah.
04:57 How Berg and Krakauer managed to collaborate on the film.
05:40 PROPHET’S PREY, Clip: The Merry Wives Cafe and Colorado City.
07:23 The strange power of Warren Jeffs and the FLDS.
10:17 How to make a film about Jeffs.
13:10 Playing a part in the capture of Warren Jeffs.
15:00 The tightly wound network of compound surveillance and security.
19:09 PROPHET’S PREY, Clip: Leaving the congregation.
19:44 Running the religion from prison.
23:01 Krakauer’s inspiration and criteria for writing.
24:37 Biggest challenges for making the film.