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Poet Mandy Kahn on Talk Show with Harper Simon

vor 4 Jahren

Poet Mandy Kahn explores creativity, collaboration, and Barry Manilow in this unorthodox discussion on how to let your life runneth over with Harper Simon. She shares the influence of Einstein On The Beach, perils of taking artistic risks in public, and her newest works which meld music and poetry. Her book, Collage Culture, the definition of poetry, and whether poets are too broke to date are explored in this episode of Talk Show.

Mandy Kahn is a writer of poetry, prose and libretti. She is coauthor, with Aaron Rose, of the book Collage Culture: Examining the 21st Century’s Identity Crisis (JRP/Ringier), which had its official launch at Colette in Paris, and subsequent launches at Motto (Berlin), the Shoreditch House (London), Printed Matter (New York City) and Family (Los Angeles). Math, Heaven, Time, Kahn’s first collection of poems, was released by Eyewear Publishing in May of 2014 in the U.S. and in July of 2014 in the UK and Canada. Kahn wrote the libretto for composer Ellen Reid's opera Modern Odysseus, which the wild Up orchestra--under the direction of conductor Christopher Rountree--premiered in February of 2014 at Art Share in downtown Los Angeles. Kahn has collaborated with many composers to create pieces that fuse verse with new works of classical music. Recent collaborations include a piece with composer Daniel Corral for the LAX/Live Arts Exchange Festival, a piece with Ali Helnwein and the Traction Avenue Chamber Orchestra that premiered at the Last Bookstore, a piece with Becky Stark and the ∞ Angeles Ladies’ Choir that premiered at the Satellite, a piece with Matt Kivel that premiered at the Standard Hotel, and a piece with marimba soloist Ariel Campos that premiered at Perspace. She is writer-in-residence for THE SERIES, a live event that pairs artists for cross-genre collaborations. For THE SERIES, she writes text to accompany works of contemporary dance, performance art and music. She lives in Los Angeles.

Talk Show Full Episode Playlist:
Talk Show Episode Highlights Playlist:
00:01 Welcome to Talk Show with Harper Simon.
00:10 Introducing Mandy Kahn, author of Math, Heaven, Time.
00:50 Interpreting Mandy by Barry Manilow.
02:50 The contemporary poetry scene in Los Angeles.
03:35 Exciting rooftop live event called The Series.
04:50 Making The Series come to life through collaboration.
07:30 The opera Einstein on the Beach as a source of inspiration.
13:50 Working on Hopscotch with Yuval Sharon.
17:00 Reinterpreting Mandy by Manilow as a type of poetry.
18:55 Poet or not?
20:55 Discussing Kahn’s contribution to Collage Culture: Examining the 21st Century’s Identity Crisis.
24:50 Kahn’s emotional inspiration for poetry.
28:00 “I don’t mind what happens” as a quote to live by.
29:05 Where does Kahn’s enthusiasm and optimism come from?
31:30 Kahn reads one of her poems aloud.
33:00 Thanks and goodbye.