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NERD PROM & the White House Press Corp with Patrick Garvin

vor 3 Jahren

NERD PROM: INSIDE WASHINGTON’S WILDEST WEEK documentary maker Patrick Garvin discusses the White House Press Corp dinner, and how journalism in Washington DC is a full time obsession that demands complete submission. From his work at Politico, to the freedom of expression he is enjoying since he left the political beat are discussed in this uncensored Lip News Interview, hosted by Margaret Howell.

Patrick Gavin has covered politics in Washington for over a decade, most recently with POLITICO, where he worked from 2009–2014. He is currently a documentary filmmaker, with a focus on Washington subjects and stories. His first project looks at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.
During his time at POLITICO, Gavin produced some of the most colorful and revealing portraitures of how Washington and its media culture work, prompting The Atlantic to declare him one of “The 30 Washington Insiders You Should Follow on Twitter” and Business Insider to cite him in its 2011 “The Most Influential People in Media This Year” list.
His works tracks not only the curious nature of Washington’s insider culture but also the machinations that help explain how things do (or don’t) get done in our nation’s capital. His stories are light-hearted and fun and report on what is otherwise left uncovered in politics. Gavin explains how Washington works in untraditional ways, focusing more on the players – especially those behind-the-scenes people you do not normally hear about – than the issues.

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00:01 Welcoming Patrick W. Gavin to The Lip News Interview.
01:34 Politico, GAME CHANGER and filming politicians.
05:45 How to interview a President and reaching out to the Pope.
08:35 Making it as a reporter in Washington.
09:36 Naming the documentary, where to watch and future projects.
13:35 Thank you and goodbye.