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MK ULTRA Sleeper Assassin Confession: Government Scopolamine Secrets

vor 4 Jahren

MK ULTRA sleeper assassin Matthew Pauly discusses how the government used scopolamine to exert mind control over him to force him to kill, and the pattern of super soldiers and brainwashed killers being used to do secret government dirty work. How MK ULTRA agents can be recruited, recognized, and awakened, and the bizarre and chilling story of how Pauly’s life was turned upside down and his survival has continued to be threatened for knowing too much is illuminated on Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

Matthew Pauly has had a successful career as a computer scientist, software architect, designer, team leader, and programmer for twenty-six years, until recently due to PTSD. He is now an author. Since Nov 2005 Matthew has been a non-consensual MKULTRA "sleeper assassin" test subject of the Joint Task Force (JTF) operating out of the US Consulate in Toronto, with Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) assistance.The level of violence, raw fear in shock done to Matthew and his family in these MKULTRA experiments (Monarch mind-control, and chemical weapons tests) has been terribly traumatic.
This has recently culminated in two home invasions this year by the JTF, and two fatal weapons tests in the past 14 months. Finally Malcolm was the subject of violence by two Mossad agents in a purposefully stopped elevator about two weeks ago and subject of a "smart assassination" by being injected with a radiological poison in his left side torso; he expects to live six to twelve months, and die from multiple-organ cancers.

Buzzsaw Full Episodes:
Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Matthew Pauley to Buzzsaw.
00:44 The Murder of Time, and mind control from Project Paperclip to personal experience.
02:10 Realizing you’ve been experimented on, and being selected by the government for MKULTRA.
09:36 Being characterized as a terrorist by the government, and entrapped into interrogation.
13:38 Tortured by the agents to the point of dissociation.
17:00 Making of a “sleeper” through chemicals and manipulation.
24:09 Memories from under hypnosis.
29:50 Exercised as a sleeper assassin.
34:44 Learning to recall the memories.
35:20 Mass shootings and sleeper assassin connections: Recognizing sleeper assassins.
40:40 Sleeper assassins and super soldiers recovering their awareness.
44:57 Documenting the experience in a book, and recognizing triggers.
46:55 An appearance by the Mossad, assassination attempts, and two home invasions.
52:22 Where to learn more.
53:35 Thanks and Goodbye.