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MATEO Doc & Live Performance with Matthew ‘Mateo’ Stoneman & Dir. Aaron I. Naar

vor 3 Jahren

MATEO documentary subject Matthew “Mateo” Stoneman and director Aaron I. Naar share the trailer and clips from their movie, and we also get a live musical performance from the “gringo mariachi” singer. The unlikely journey from the United States to make music and record in Cuba is explored in this uncensored Lip News interview accompanying the release of the documentary, hosted by Jose Marcelino Ortiz.

You don’t expect scrawny, strawberry blond Matthew Stoneman to blow you away with a falsetto love song, in perfect Spanish to boot. But that’s his hook and it might finally make him a star in this thoroughly fun chronicle of how “America’s first gringo mariachi singer” tries to shake his own gimmick and achieve true greatness. A thief with a heart and a voice of gold, he wound up in prison, where he learned Spanish and was bewitched by Cuban music. Now, the lovable crooner invests every honest nickel he earns playing L.A.’s streets into trips to Cuba. But what’s he really after—cheap access to amazing studio musicians, sun-filled fantasies or the comfort of its women? With a dizzyingly beautiful soundtrack of his songs as a backdrop, an unexpected side to Matthew’s artistic life slowly emerges in this irresistible ode to all the dreaming and hard work it takes to make it.
Aaron I. Naar is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. He is a Film Independent and IFP Documentary Lab alumnus and a recipient of the Pacific Pioneer Fund. He has participated in Independent Film Week, Film Independent Forum, and Points North Pitch.
Most recently, Naar's documentary editorial work for 'American Horror Stories: Extra-Ordinary Artists' received an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Short-Format Nonfiction Programming.
A graduate of Vassar College, Naar currently works as a Director and Editor at Editree, Inc. in Downtown, Los Angeles.

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00:01 Welcoming Matthew Stoneman and Aaron Naar to The Lip.
00:21 MATEO, Trailer.
02:07 How Mateo got into latin culture and music.
03:20 Aaron’s first meeting with Mateo.
04:25 Learning Spanish and making the album.
07:51 Buena Vista Social Club and working with Cuban musicians.
09:30 MATEO, Clip: Recording in Cuba.
11:17 Filming Mateo around the world.
13:10 The editing process and the intimate side of Cuba.
14:50 Playing in Japan.
16:35 Mateo performs a new song.
19:10 Where to watch and where to see Mateo live.
20:35 Thank you and goodbye.