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Mariel Hemingway Talks Family, Manhattan and Mental Illness with Harper Simon

vor 4 Jahren

Mariel Hemingway speaks about her family, and history in the movies in this uncensored interview--discussing Woody Allen’s MANHATTAN, Bob Fosse’s STAR 80, and PERSONAL BEST. She also pays tribute to her late sister Margaux, and discusses the infamous streak of mental issues drove her grandfather Ernest Hemingway to commit suicide, and the work to maintain balance in the face of family mental problems. Her autobiographical documentary, RUNNING FROM CRAZY, and her book, OUT CAME THE SUN, plus how she unwittingly became a Playboy model is explored on Harper Simon’s Talk Show.

Mariel Hemingway is an author and Oscar nominated actress, who’s iconic turns in MANHATTAN, PERSONAL BEST and STAR 80 made her one of the most recognizable faces of the 1970s and 1980s. The granddaughter of luminary author, Ernest Hemingway, and the younger sister to model Margaux Hemingway, her family’s famous struggles with mental issues and chemical dependency were the focus of the recent documentary she made with director Barbara Kopple, RUNNING FROM CRAZY. She is the author of the books OUT CAME THE SUN, and INVISIBLE GIRL.

Talk Show Full Episode Playlist:
Talk Show Episode Highlights Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Mariel Hemingway to Talk Show.
00:30 Running from a past of complete insanity.
03:05 A brief family history.
06:39 Being healthy, sane, and the illusion of Prince Charming.
10:00 Meditation, stress and balance.
11:05 Making the documentary, RUNNING FROM CRAZY.
12:39 Margaux, Ernest, and raising children.
15:02 From isolated Idaho, to New York City.
16:19 MANHATTAN, and the truth of shooting the film.
20:00 PERSONAL BEST, and a cocaine education in the movie business.
21:48 STAR 80 and working with Bob Fosse.
25:58 Unwittingly introduced to the world of PLAYBOY.
28:10 The signature beauty of the Hemingway ladies, and 1980s wind machines.
29:15 Flirting with the fashion world, and sibling rivalry with Margaux.
32:10 Possibly misconstrued talk of sexual abuse in the family.
34:30 Family catharsis in public.
36:40 Thanks and Goodbye.