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Lisa Borch, Ahmed Mohamed & the Unexpected Face Of Terror with Steve Moore

vor 3 Jahren

Ahmed Mohamed was held by police for building a clock that was mistaken for a bomb by people in his Texas high school, while Lisa Borch allegedly killed her mother in an attack that was inspired by ISIS. We discuss the strange new face of terror, the response from President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and how children are being recruited for violence with retired FBI special agent Steve Moore. We also get updated on the Dylann Roof investigation with the arrest of his friend Joey Meek, and look at the trailer for the Bill Cosby rape accusers television special on Crime Time, guest-hosted by Mike Cavalluzzi.

Steve Moore was appointed an FBI Special Agent in 1983 at the age of 25. He served as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent for 25 years, retiring in 2008. Steve was chosen to run the Los Angeles component of the 9/11 investigation and testified before the congressional “911 Commission.” Steve formed "Moore Investigations International" in 2010, devoted to the safety and release of Americans wrongly held by governments and others overseas. He became intimately involved in the imprisonment and subsequent release of Amanda Knox, a University of Washington student held for four years on false charges by a rogue Italian prosecutor. Moore is the author and co-author of several books, including "Special Agent Man," (Chicago Press Review, 2012) and "The Forgotten Killer," (Amazon Press, 2014), with Doug Preston, John Douglas, Mark Olshaker, Judge Michael Heavey, Tom Wright and Jim Lovering. "The Forgotten Killer" remains #1 on both Amazon and Kindle's list of best sellers in the International Law category.

Crime Time Full Episode Playlist:
Crime Time Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Steve Moore back to Crime Time.
01:10 The arrest of Ahmed Mohamed and analysis.
02:16 The recruitment of child soldiers.
03:14 Improvised explosive devices and protocols of diffusion.
07:28 What Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s tweets say about Texas police.
10:31 Lisa Borch’s ISIS influenced murder.
12:44 How the internet changed extremist hate groups.
16:20 Mental illness, underdeveloped minds and ISIS.
18:20 Caution, action and assessment.
20:19 Dylann Roof and Joey Meek Jr. investigation update.
22:23 The FBI interview with Joey Meek Jr.
27:02 Defense attorneys and statement immunity.
28:57 COSBY: THE WOMEN SPEAK, Promo Trailer
29:40 Profiling Bill Cosby and sexual predators.
33:13 Breaking the silence and past cover-ups.
36:32 Profiling sexual predators victims.
39:29 Thank you and goodbye.