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Jared Fogle Guilty of Child Sex + Josh Duggar Scandals Explored

vor 4 Jahren

Jared Fogle’s guilty plea to having sex with underage girls, and the child pornography investigation that brought he and Russell C. Taylor to justice, plus the ongoing Josh Duggar scandals involving child abuse and his now exposed Ashley Madison account are explored. Retired criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs examines the cases, and we also look at the St. Paul prep school rape case that is raising problematic questions of consent--particularly in the context of teenagers--in this uncensored episode of Crime Time, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

Loni Coombs attended Brigham Young University, graduating at the age of nineteen with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and minors in philosophy and music. In 1988, after graduating from Pepperdine Law School, Loni began her legal career as a criminal trial prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Her numerous felony trials ranged from murders to sex crimes and DUIs. From 2003 to 2005, Loni headed up the District Attorney’s Hate Crimes Unit, monitoring discrimination cases throughout the county and training law enforcement agencies.
In 2006, Ms. Coombs transitioned into the broadcast world as a legal analyst for national and local broadcast outlets, including CNN, Court TV (now TruTV), Extra, The View, Entertainment Tonight, and KTLA. Loni covered various trials including Phil Spector, OJ Simpson, Warren Jeffs, and Casey Anthony. Her daily coverage of the Phil Spector trial on earned her an AP award. Loni anchored newscasts (KTLA’s Prime News, KDOC’s Daybreak OC), co-hosted talk shows (KTLA’s 9 am Morning Show, Fox’s San Diego Living), and reported from the field (KTLA’s Morning News and Prime News). Loni appears as a regular contributor on “Dr. Phil”, “The Doctors”, and "Dr. Drew."

Crime Time Full Episode Playlist:
Crime Time Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Loni Coombs back to Crime Time.
01:17 Jared Fogle recap and update.
02:22 Plea agreement and hotel activity.
07:43 FBI involvement and investigation details.
09:51 Josh Duggar recap and update.
12:29 Josh Duggar’s statement.
14:38 Media coverage and the downside of celebrity families.
19:55 Dealing with and understanding child abuse.
21:53 The St. Paul prep school rape case.
24:18 The difficulty in prosecuting rape cases.
29:11 The issue with consent and young people.
32:58 Thank you and goodbye.