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Interstellar, Visual Effects & New Virtual Reality with Matthew Gratzner

vor 4 Jahren

Matthew Gratzner, Co-Founder of New Deal Studios, explains his company’s work on Christopher Nolan’s, Interstellar, as well as the effects he’s done for Martin Scorsese and the benefits of using practical effects as opposed to CGI. We also learn about the near future of virtual reality, and challenges of directing for VR, as we get a look at the trailers for Interstellar and his own film, Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink in this interview for The Insiders, hosted by Sebastian Twardosz.

Matthew Gratzner is widely respected within the entertainment industry for his artistry and business acumen—a rare pairing of skills. Best known for feature-film visual effects work, Matthew has also directed numerous commercials over the last decade. Currently Matthew is finishing post on two feature films in the western series Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink and is attached to direct and produce a big-screen adaptation of the 1970's English TV series, UFO. Matthew is also pioneering immersive cinematic Virtual Reality storytelling by directing and producing the ground-breaking first action-adventure short, The Mission (short) (2014), in conjunction with Jaunt VR. As a Visual Effects Supervisor and co-founder New Deal Studios, Matthew received an Emmy nomination for his work on the Tom Hanks/HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon and a BAFTA nomination for best visual effects for The Aviator.

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00:10 Welcome to the Insiders.
00:15 Introducing Matthew Gratzner, founder of New Deal Studios.
01:15 Trailer for Interstellar
03:10 What happens to the props after they are used in a movie.
04:15 How did New Deal get started?
05:55 How practical effects have survived in a digital effects world.
09:00 The benefits of using practical effects.
10:45 New Deal’s involvement with notable directors like Scorsese and Nolan.
13:20 Using scale models in Shutter Island and Interstellar.
15:40 The (affordable) future of virtual reality with Jaunt.
20:35 Directing for film vs directing for virtual reality.
24:15 Virtual reality as a new format.
28:10 Creating Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink as a type of family film.
32:05 Thank you and goodbye.
32:15 Trailer for Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink.