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Internet Trolls, Illegal Threats & Misogyny Online

vor 4 Jahren

Threats, internet trolls, sexism, and rape speech are discussed following the conviction of Peter Nunn in England after abusive tweets he made against English Labour MP Stella Creasy were found to be criminal. We discuss abuse online, bullying, and the frequent misogyny that is part of the web with retired New Scotland Yard’s Laura Richards and journalist Isla Traquair. When is it time to prosecute, and when is it best to not feed the trolls?-all discussed in this Crime Time.

Isla Traquair has been fascinated by people and their stories from a young age and feels it is an honour and privilege to be a professional storyteller.
After getting her first front page "splash" at the age of fifteen, Isla wasted no time and won a journalism traineeship with a Scottish newspaper the following year. Five years in newspapers specialising in crime led to five years in Scottish television as a correspondent and news presenter and then the jump to ITV national news in London where she then became a news anchor hosting a nightly primetime show on Channel Five. After nearly a decade in news, Isla decided a fresh challenge was needed and crossed the pond. She created and hosted a health series which is currently airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada). During the filming she donated her body to science and underwent various invasive procedures to bring awareness and understanding to viewers.

Laura Richards left New Scotland Yard in 2007 to take up the role of advising ACPO after a decade of working on violent crime. She previously set up the first Homicide Prevention Unit in the UK, as well as the Violent Crime Intelligence Unit at New Scotland Yard and has trained at the National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime at the FBI.
Laura launched Paladin, the new National Stalking Advocacy Service on July 11 2013 to support high risk victims of stalking. This followed on from the highly successful Stalking Law Reform Inquiry in Parliament which culminated in the introduction of two specific offences of stalking on 25 November 2012. In 2010 Laura coordinated the UK’s first National Stalking Awareness Week in 2011 and was involved in setting up the National Stalking Helpline in 2010. Laura has won a number of awards for her work on stalking including the Charity Times Campaigning Team of the Year and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust's 'Taking Stalking Seriously' Award. Laura developed the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour based Violence Risk Checklist (DASH 2009) on behalf of ACPO and in partnership with Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse (CAADA).
Laura initiated Multi-Agency Domestic Homicide Reviews in London in 2001 and has worked with the Home Office on developing the guidance, which was published on April 13th 2011. Laura is a reader of Domestic Homicide Reviews on behalf of the Home Office. Laura co-authored the book 'Policing Domestic Violence' published by Oxford University Press.

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00:01 Welcome to Crime Time.
01:00 Introducing Laura Richards and Isla Traquair
02:04 Peter Nunn guilty of abusive twitter comments.
07:45 Trolls just the tip of the iceberg--civil and criminal distinctions.
12:08 Misogyny online and the effects on society.
16:30 Extended costs of trolling, and civil rights for women.
21:00 Trolls on Amanda Knox.
29:50 The inevitability of name calling on the internet.