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IN A PERFECT WORLD - Documentary on Sons and Single Moms with Daphne McWilliams

vor 4 Jahren

Sons raised by single moms are the subject of IN A PERFECT WORLD, and the documentary is shared with clips featuring different boys and men from single parent homes by director Daphne McWilliams. From notable figures like President Obama and Damon Dash, to her own son’s issues with being raised by a single mother--as well as her struggle to teach him how to be a man--the film is a poignant exploration of modern family. Direct from its world premiere, get the first look at IN A PERFECT WORLD on BYOD, hosted by Ondi Timoner.

“In a Perfect World…” is a feature documentary that aims to explore all the requisite dynamics of what it is to be a man raised by a single mother. The inspiration for the film came from the director’s own relationship with her son who has a largely absentee father.
Over the course of several years, Daphne McWilliams began interviewing men about the relationships they had with their mothers and, to varying degrees, their absentee fathers. At the same time, she was raising her own son, Chase, as a single parent. She noticed that as Chase entered his teens, their relationship took a dramatic turn as he began coping with his most formative years and becoming an adult without the consistent presence of his own father. McWilliams realized it was time to turn the camera on her own family to document her son’s painful abandonment issues while seeking to help him express and understand his feelings.

Daphne McWilliams began her producing career by producing music videos for artists such as: Blues Traveler, Notorious BIG and Queen Latifah. In 1995, she was hired to line produce the Academy Award®-nominated documentary “Four Little Girls” directed by Spike Lee and produced/edited by Sam Pollard; Mr. Pollard is the Executive Producer on “In a Perfect World…” which is Daphne’s documentary directorial debut.

BYOD Full Episodes Playlist:
BYOD Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Daphne McWilliams to BYOD.
00:37 The birth of "In A Perfect World".
02:30 Father son dynamics.
04:20 Video Clip: Behind the scenes.
05:35 Choosing the interview subjects.
07:11 Lessons from the film.
11:02 Chase’s thoughts on the film.
12:20 Where to watch.
12:55 Life as a single mom.
16:15 Video clip: Craig.
16:59 Craig's story.
18:00 Completing the film and hiring the crew.
21:44 Audience reactions and finding a home for the film.
23:30 Ned's story.
25:04 Video Clip: Ned.
26:00 Choosing to interview Chase’s father.
31:02 Thank you and goodbye.