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How To Not Get Exploited In Hollywood with Nicole Page

vor 4 Jahren

Hollywood is a tough place to break into and we take apart the exploitation that is par for the course in show business--from sexism, to idea stealing, and even exploiting interns--in this conversation with entertainment lawyer Nicole Page. With “bro-culture” the norm in the studio system, are there opportunities for women and people that aren’t insiders? What should aspiring filmmakers do to make sure they secure their stories legally and protect their ideas from being stolen? What does an agent really do for you? We look at the business of Hollywood and follow the money in this Media Mayhem interview, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

Nicole Page practices in the areas of media, entertainment, intellectual property and employment law. She has broad experience in providing advice with respect to all aspects of motion picture, television and new media productions, and in counseling authors, screenwriters, creative personnel, entertainment industry executives, photographers, filmmakers and feature film and television producers concerning all facets of their work. She regularly serves as production counsel for film and television productions and assists in structuring private equity investments in films. Ms. Page works with authors in connection with their collaboration, literary agent and publishing agreements. Her extensive intellectual property practice includes advice on protection and exploitation of copyrights and trademarks across multi-media platforms. Ms. Page also works with clients in connection with cross-platform branding and licensing in the worlds of media, fashion, lifestyle, sports and entertainment. In addition, Ms. Page works with clients to structure employment and severance arrangements and advises on a wide array of labor and employment matters.

Media Mayhem Full Episodes Playlist:
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00:01 Welcome to Media Mayhem.
00:10 Introducing Nicole Page, entertainment attorney.
00:45 Controversial tweet regarding exclusion of women in the entertainment industry
08:00 Mentors as a key tool for moving up in the industry.
10:00 Gender biased pay gap.
13:50 Acquiring life and publishing rights as a writer.
19:45 How to determine who owns an idea and idea theft.
27:45 What is the role of a lawyer and how much power do they have?
30:30 Unpaid internship lawsuits and their potential effect on the entertainment industry.
37:40 Do you need an agent to negotiate for you or can you do it yourself?
40:00 First steps for finding financing for a project.
45:10 Thank you and goodbye.