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House of Cards: Sex, Power, and Media with Beau Willimon

vor 4 Jahren

House Of Cards has tackled politics, corruption, sex and the media like no other show, and we are thrilled to have showrunner Beau Willimon discuss the dark truths about Frank and Claire Underwood in this uncensored discussion. Exploring the ambitious nature of politicians and journalists, the utility of sex in the White House bedroom, and the true value of delicious ribs--Willimon opens up in a lively conversation that reflects the intense debate and interest that House Of Cards has managed to stir up. What is the place of God in Frank Underwood’s Washington? Is love inherently transactional? And what lies behind the mask of Claire Underwood? We explore the show on Media Mayhem, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

Beau Willimon is the showrunner and creator of House Of Cards. He previously co-wrote the film, THE IDES OF MARCH, based on his play FARRAGUT NORTH. Prior to his becoming a screenwriter and playwright, Willimon served as press aide for the 2004 Howard Dean Presidential campaign.

Media Mayhem Full Episodes Playlist:
Media Mayhem Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Beau Willimon to Media Mayhem.
00:55 The media, Zoe Barnes and ‘hard news’ on House of Cards.
04:10 Consulting with journalists, vetting information, and Ayla Sayyad.
05:40 FBI intimidation, Anonymous, and hacktivism.
07:15 Using real journalists on the show and questions of credibility.
10:32 Ambition as a force that drives characters and society.
12:30 Looking at the journalists of season 3.
16:00 Religion on the show--Frank as adversary of God.
23:00 Freddy’s ribs, Frank’s relatability, and Henry IV pt. 2.
28:35 Breaking a few eggs.
31:25 The enigma of Claire Underwood.
35:50 Sexual healing on House of Cards.
44:20 The operatives of power--from both high and low.
47:10 thanks and goodbye.