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Geneva Jacuzzi on Art, Sex, Music & Religion with Harper Simon

vor 4 Jahren

Geneva Jacuzzi shares her videos, music, and history--from being raised Jehovah’s witness to making a splash in the Los Angeles music and art scene in this uncensored interview. Playing live in galleries vs. nightclubs, bringing out the emotions from unwitting normal folks, and her relationship with Ariel Pink are discussed. Learn the secret of MOCA LOTION in this Talk Show interview, hosted by Harper Simon.

Geneva Jacuzzi is a Los Angeles-based visual artist, musician, composer, and playwright who is known for her synth-driven bedroom pop recordings, theatrical stage performances, and video art.
Since the early 2,000's Jacuzzi has developed a cult following after self releasing multiple albums of analog 8-track cassette home recordings. Her lyrics describe blood being thrown onto fire, clown-like machines in search of sadness and the raging monologues of future/past elemental beings. Her videos and live performances portray the story of a once abundant Self being shattered into a variety of other personas, all being played by Jacuzzi, and all cannibalizing-commodifying their rape revenge upon the idea of an original Self which is now lost if not mythical, somewhere in the Islands of the Jacuzzi.
In 2011, Jacuzzi, teaming up with long time muse and playwright, Casey Obelisk, began her latest project titled “Dark Ages” which pulls together most of her past and present work into an epic multimedia art project. Functioning as a play, Part I was presented in the form of a music video montage and Vice Magazine editorial takeover which introduced the concept of the broken Creation Myth Feedback Loop (the CMFL) - the current episode being the primordial origin of Julie Zygote, a sort of edenic sacrificial alter-ego of Jacuzzi. Since then, scenes from the play have been presented in the form of video, Installation, sound recording, sculpture, and performance. Live performances have been staged in multiple venues in over 31 countries across the globe.

Talk Show Full Episode Playlist:
Talk Show Episode Highlights Playlist:

00:01 Welcome to Talk Show with Harper Simon.
00:10 Introducing Geneva Jacuzzi.
00:45 Geneva’s religious history and status.
05:30 Why Geneva Jacuzzi didn’t go to high school.
06:45 Jacuzzi’s inspiration and her emergence as an artist.
12:30 Clip, Moca Lotion.
13:35 Performance artists who have influenced Jacuzzi.
16:00 How Jacuzzi has been paving her own road.
19:00 Clip, fan-made video directed towards Jacuzzi.
21:10 Experiences from Jacuzzi’s tour to 31 countries.
24:15 Venues that Jacuzzi has performed at.
25:55 Jacuzzi and Ariel Pink’s relationship and how they inspired eachother.
31:50 Thank you and goodbye.
32:10 Music video, Group Dynamic.