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vor 4 Jahren

BURN NOTICE creator Matt Nix shares the trailer for COMPLICATIONS, his new show on the USA Network, and discusses his career in show business with THE INSIDERS. From his start in Hollywood as a movie business ‘secretary,’ to branching out on his own to create short films before breaking into cable drama, we get a tour through the work of a show runner. How has the television market changed? What are the perils of rewriting scripts and collaborating with the many tiers of producers behind a show? We explore the other side of the small screen with Nix, who also shares his experience creating THE COMEDIANS with Larry Charles and Billy Crystal in this uncensored episode of THE INSIDERS with Sebastian Twardosz.

Matt Nix is the executive producer, writer and creator of the USA Network original series BURN NOTICE, which ran for 7 seasons and 111 episodes.He also created the FOX series, “The Good Guys,” a one-hour cop dramedy starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks. He currently has two new series awaiting air – COMPLICATIONS on USA and THE COMEDIANS on FX. Nix is also an acclaimed director, having directed numerous episodes of BURN NOTICE, THE GOOD GUYS, and COMPLICATIONS.
Nix began working as a feature writer in 1997. He has written scripts for Warner Bros., Columbia, Paramount, Universal and New Line, as well as several independent companies. He’s had the opportunity to write in a range of genres - dramas, thrillers, comedies, and children’s films. He currently has several projects in active development, in both features and television.
In addition to his feature work, Nix has written and directed several short films, which have been featured on SyFy, FX Movies Channel, PBS and in numerous film festivals around the world. He is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Chekhov’s Gun (short film)
Complications Trailer
The Comedians Trailer
Me and the Big Guy (short film)
Ted Talk
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The Insiders Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Matt Nix to the Insiders.
00:56 COMPLICATIONS, Trailer.
02:56 Origins in show business from UCLA to Hollywood.
05:15 From Hollywood ‘secretary’ to making films and finding his voice.
12:00 The terrible experience of working on films and the birth of BURN NOTICE.
17:45 Showrunning BURN NOTICE under the clock and re-working scripts collaboratively.
24:47 COMPLICATIONS: idea, production, and working with the USA network
30:51 THE COMEDIANS, and working with Billy Crystal and Larry Charles.
33:13 Directing short films, pilots and finales.
39:40 Working with networks for broad audiences vs. niche watchers.
41:34 Advice to your younger self?
43:25 Thanks and goodbye.