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Ferguson Shooting Protests with St. Louis Reporter Nicholas J.C. Pistor

vor 4 Jahren

The Ferguson shooting protests and the St. Louis Police Department’s mishandling of the situation are discussed along with the media’s coverage of the events. We also look at the federal government’s involvement in the riots, the unauthenticated Michael Brown audio tape that was released by police, and more with St. Louis reporter Nicholas J.C. Pistor in this full length episode of Crime Time.

Nicholas J. C. Pistor is a reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and former consultant for CBS’s 48 Hours true-crime series who has broken stories on some of the biggest crimes in the Midwest. He has appeared on nearly every major television news network, including NBC’s Today Show, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC, and was a guest reporter for CNN’s Nancy Grace.
Pistor began as a stringer for the Post-Dispatch in 2003, after he graduated from college, eventually working through various roles before becoming a reporter. He currently covers St. Louis City Hall. Immediately before joining the Post-Dispatch, Pistor graduated from the Jesuit-affiliated Saint Louis University, where he began a decade-long research quest after a priest rekindled his memory of the Saxtown massacre. The Ax Murders of Saxtown, his first book, was released on January 14, 2014. It almost immediately went to a second printing. He currently lives in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis Magazine, in its annual A-List issue, named Pistor the city's best Twitterer.

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00:01 Welcome to Crime Time.
00:20 Introducing Nicholas J.C. Pistor.
00:40 Ferguson protesters, the history of rioting in St. Louis, and police targeting black men.
06:20 The federal government’s intrusion and the media’s mishandling of the riots.
08:40 Animosity towards the St. Louis Police Chief.
12:00 Police department leaks, the Michael Brown audio tape, and potential misreporting.
16:00 The St. Louis police and transparency with the community through the media.
17:50 Will we hear Officer Darren Wilson’s side of the story?
19:50 Thanks and goodbye.