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Drunk History & Another Period with Jeremy Konner on Harper Simon’s TALK SHOW

vor 3 Jahren

Drunk History and Another Period director Jeremy Konner talks about making television under the influence, the dumbest age in the history of the world, and the brilliance of the Three Amigos. How he came up with the idea for Drunk History, the state of comedy today, and how Comedy Central became the center of all things funny is discussed with Harper Simon in this uncensored episode of TALK SHOW.

Jeremy Konner is a director of television, film, and music videos, born and based in Los Angeles. Konner is director, writer, and executive producer of Comedy Central's "Another Period." He also co-created, directs and is executive producer on the award winning series, "Drunk History," which is airing its third season this year. His other work includes the Yahoo! series "Ghost Ghirls," music videos for She & Him and Tenacious D, as well as comedy segments for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and HBO.

Talk Show Full Episode Playlist:
Talk Show Episode Highlights Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Jeremy Konner to Talk Show.
01:40 Who killed J.R.? The birth of Baywatch.
04:19 Drunk history’s inspiration.
06:38 Directing historical docu-drama-Another Period.
08:40 The ten-year honeymoon.
09:13 Meeting Ricky, and early days with Jack Black.
12:25 Trajectory of Drunk History, shooting an episode, and weed vs. alcohol.
18:02 Alcoholics on the show? Working with heroes.
20:10 Influence of THE JERK, and the holy trinity of THREE AMIGOS.
24:00 SCTV vs. SNL--slow burns and snappy jokes.
28:10 Comedy directors
29:10 The renaissance of Comedy Central--Nathan for You, and Key and Peele.
31:10 Garfunkel and Oates and strange memories.
34:58 Thanks and Goodbye.