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Darknet Sexual Predators & Child Abuse Prevention with Francy Hakes

vor 4 Jahren

Darknet pedophile rings, child pornography and the fight against child abusers is discussed with Francey Hakes. The impact of To Catch A Predator, as well as the ongoing FBI efforts to sting would-be child abusers online is explored--with a case study of Kelly Farley who led a double life online in the shadow of his family, along with the famous double-lives of Bill Cosby and Woody Allen. We also talk about Charles Chipps, a Native American abuser that avoided prosecution because of criminal jurisdiction on indigenous lands in this episode of Crime Time that is must-watch material for parents.

Francey Hakes is a child protection and national security consultant. Former federal prosecutor and first National Coordinator for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction.

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00:01 Welcome to Crime Time.
00:10 Introducing Francey Hakes, Child Protection Advocate.
01:30 Kelly Farley, the clean-cut family man turned child molester.
06:55 Using the media to find child predators.
08:15 Convicting predators without physical abuse.
10:25 How long do investigations last before a conviction can be reached?
13:30 What is the Darknet and how is it used?
17:20 Predators who purposely choose a profession that can get them closer to children.
22:50 Charles Chipps, the Native American child molester and the tricky legal battle.
29:05 Why is the public being much harsher on Bill Cosby than Woody Allen?
34:30 Thank you and goodbye.