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Charlie Sheen HIV Announcement & Legal Liability To Goddesses

vor 3 Jahren

Charlie Sheen has announced he is HIV positive on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, and though he says he has been blackmailed and threatened over having kept the disease a secret, does he face legal problems for not disclosing his status to his porn star ‘goddess’ girlfriends, and other people he may have slept with? We discuss Charlie, Bree Olson, Natalie Kenley, and criminal liability for exposing people to a disease with defense attorney Mike Cavalluzzi--as well as the trial of Daniel Holtzclaw, the police officer who is accused of raping over a dozen African American women while he was on the job. Finally, we get an update on the latest in Jared Fogle’s sentencing for child sexual abuse in this uncensored episode of Crime Time, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

Michael "Mike" Cavalluzzi is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles County. He has been described by judges and prosecutors as aggressive, uncompromising, and relentless in his pursuit of justice for his clients. Having defended clients in courts throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties, Mike Cavalluzzi has cemented a reputation as a top trial attorney.
Michael Cavalluzzi began his legal career in 1992 as a civil litigator for State Farm Insurance, the largest insurance company in the United States. After winning several jury trials, Mr. Cavalluzzi decided to leave State Farm and focus on the practice of criminal defense. He joined the Public Defender's Office and quickly established himself as a fearless, creative trial attorney, defending clients in all types of cases, ranging from misdemeanor battery to homicide. Mr. Cavalluzzi is also actively involved in civil litigation, successfully representing a number of personal injury cases.

Crime Time Full Episodes Playlist:
Crime Time Shorts Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Mike Cavalluzzi back to Crime Time.
01:26 Charlie Sheen announces he is HIV-positive.
02:04 HIV and criminal exposure.
06:54 Prostitutes, criminal liability and risk.
09:26 Proving intent.
12:00 Blackmail vs “going public”.
15:37 Charlie’s Today Show comments.
17:00 The trial of Daniel Holtzclaw.
21:08 The statute of limitations, victim testimony and jury.
24:50 Police on trial and African American victims.
26:33 Expert testimony and sex offender criteria.
28:35 Jared Fogel sentencing and witness testimony.
29:39 Sentencing structure, mitigating factors and plea deal.
33:40 Sexual conduct: children vs teenagers.
34:43 Thank you and goodbye.