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Can Spotify & the Internet Have Sympathy For The Music Business?

vor 4 Jahren

The music business has been gutted by free music on the internet and low-paying or free subscription services like Spotify and Youtube. We discuss what is left of the music industry, how self-publishing and promotion helped and hurt musicians, U2’s deal with Mac and iTunes, and the next level of commercialization that has been the state of affairs for the music business with Darren Rose. The resurrection of vinyl, Tupac’s hologram, and where to find music nowadays are discussed in this Lip News interview hosted by Elliot Hill.

Darren Rose Radio - Inside Radio & Records is an unrestricted conversation series featuring artists, producers, managers, DJs, record execs, and other industry players offering perspective on their career and the music business. This is far from your typical radio interview - no edits, no time limit, no sound bites, and no censorship just entertaining, fresh, and insightful conversations with music industry pros.
Over the last 15 years, the music industry has seen more changes than any other time in history. One of those changes in recent years has been the near extinction of the long form interview. Enter Darren Rose Radio, a chance for the masses to connect, learn, and understand the business from artists and industry insiders far beyond their social networks.

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00:01 Welcome and intro Darren Rose.
00:45 Changes in the radio industry around changes in technology.
03:00 Does Spotify cause losses in sales?
05:30 Does self-publishing lower the bar?
07:45 Do music creators and distributors have different interests?
14:20 Commercialization and art.
15:30 Avatars of artists like Tupac and releasing music after an artists death.
18:45 What is the next big thing in music publishing and distribution?
22:00 Are songs being overplayed?
25:25 Outro.
25:43 Thanks and Goodbye.