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Can Social Media Bring Peace to the Middle East? with Ronny Edry

vor 3 Jahren

The ongoing Middle East crisis between Israelis, Palestinians, Iranians, and the spreading ISIS threat has threatened to dehumanize the region. We learn how social media campaigns to connect Middle Eastern youth are working to break cycles of violence and reintroduce the humanity of people in the region with Ronny Edry. By using photographs and personal stories from various regions in the Middle East, the Peace Factory founder shares alternative ways to bring about change and peace in this Lip News Interview, hosted by Philippe Assouline.

Ronny Edry is a graphic designer, teacher and father. While he often posted images on Facebook without much fanfare, in March of 2012 one of his images garnered international attention. The image showed him with his daughter, along with the words “Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We heart you.” The image became a catalyst for dialogue between the people of two nations on the brink of war -- and started an online movement. Today, The Peace Factory is connecting people throughout the Middle East, giving them a voice and a face.
Edry grew up in Paris, France, and has lived in Israel since 1989. Along with his work on the Peace Factory, he is the owner and founder of Pushpin, a school for art and design in Tel Aviv. He himself graduated with honors from the BezIalel Academy of Art and Design, and he is a staff member teaching visual communication in design academies in Israel. He has received awards for his works as a graphic designer and is also an illustrator and author of graphic novels.
Philippe Assouline is a lawyer and PhD candidate in International Relations and Political science. His research is on the Middle East, and investigating whether positive communication can foster peace between Israelis and Arabs. Philippe believes that dehumanizing propaganda, like BDS, fuels hatred and war. Accordingly, he has written posts criticizing BDS and profiling dissidents and Arab peace activists, to break barriers between Jews and Arabs.

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00:01 Welcoming Ronny Edry to the Lip News Interview.
01:38 The Peace Factory and “re-humanizing” the Middle East.
05:45 Responses from Iran.
07:26 Establishing lasting relationships offline.
10:04 The media, Middle Eastern youth and communication.
15:12 The Palestinian government.
15:54 Activists, hope and ending conflict.
19:55 Thank you and goodbye.