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BORN TO FLY Incredible Dance Documentary with Elizabeth Streb & Catherine Gund

vor 4 Jahren

BORN TO FLY documentary subject Elizabeth Streb joins director Catherine Gund to demystify her choreography that sends performers flying through the air in a dangerous and beautiful collision of dance, athletics, stunt-work and circus performance she calls, “POPACTION.” Is music the enemy of dance? We look at the film with clips and the trailer and find out the electrifying answer in this uncensored full length episode of BYOD, the world’s only talk show dedicated to documentary.

Elizabeth Streb and the STREB Extreme Action Company form a motley troupe of flyers and crashers. Propelled by Streb’s edict that “anything too safe is not action,” these daredevils challenge the assumptions of art, aging, injury, gender, and human possibility. BORN TO FLY: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity traces the evolution of Elizabeth Streb’s movement philosophy as she pushes herself and her performers from the ground to the sky. Revealing the passions behind the dancers’ bruises and broken noses, BORN TO FLY offers a breathtaking tale about the necessity of art, inspiring audiences hungry for a more tactile and fierce existence.

CATHERINE GUND - Director/Producer
Catherine Gund is an Emmy-nominated producer, director, writer and organizer, and the founder of Aubin Pictures, a non-profit media production company. Her media work focuses on arts and culture, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health, the environment, and other social justice issues. Gund’s most recent project, What’s On Your Plate? (Discovery's Planet Green; Berlin International Film Festival), is a critically-acclaimed, multi-media project about kids and food politics, featuring a documentary, book and curriculum. Her previous works include Motherland Afghanistan (PBS; AFI Fest), the Emmy-nominated A Touch of Greatness (PBS; Best Doc - Hamptons Film Festival), and Hallelujah! Ron Athey: A Story of Deliverance (Best Doc - Chicago Underground Film Festival).

Once called the "Evel Knievel of Dance", Elizabeth Streb's choreography, which she calls "POPACTION," intertwines the disciplines of dance, athletics, boxing, rodeo, the circus, and Hollywood stunt-work. The result is a bristling, muscle-and-motion vocabulary that combines daring with strict precision in pursuit of public acts of "pure movement." Over the course of two decades, Streb has performed in theaters large and small. She has served as artist-in-residence at the world's top art museums, including Los Angeles MOCA, the Wexner Center in Columbus, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Streb is a recipient of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation 'Genius' Award (1997), the Guggenheim Fellowship (1987), and numerous other awards and fellowships. She holds a Master of Arts in Humanities and Social Thought from New York University, a B.S. in Modern Dance from SUNY Brockport and two honorary doctorates (SUNY Brockport and Rhode Island College). In 2010, Feminist Press published her book, STREB: How to Become an Extreme Action Hero.

BYOD Full Episodes Playlist:
BYOD Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcome to BYOD.
00:15 Introducing Catherine Gund and Elizabeth Streb.
01:30 “Music is the enemy of dance.”
04:10 BORN TO FLY: Artificial gravity.
06:00 Time and space.
09:20 BORN TO FLY: Skywalk.
11:00 Giving over creative control and vision and takeaways as a filmmaker.
17:00 The impact of fear and danger.
21:50 BORN TO FLY: The Mlllennium Bridge, taking risks.
26:30 BORN TO FLY: The Millennium Bridge part II.
37:10 Thanks and goodbye.