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Bill Cosby, Dzhokar Tsarnaev Trial + Suge Knight Hit-and-Run Video

vor 4 Jahren

Bill Cosby and continued rape allegations against him, plus the latest in the Boston Bomber trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and the hit-and-run video of Suge Knight are discussed with retired FBI SSA, Jim Clemente. Bill Cosby’s love-hate relationship with the African-American media, the believability of his accusers, and his public silence on the accusations are examined, and we get the latest on the trial of Tsarnaev--including footage of him at the Boston Marathon with his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Lastly, Suge Knight’s trial for the murder of Terry Carter, what the video of the event seems to show, and how his record could be held against him are all laid out in this uncensored episode of Crime Time.

Jim Clemente is a retired FBI agent and current advisor, writer and producer for the TV series "Criminal Minds." A graduate of Fordham University School of Law, Jim was the head of the Child Sex Crimes Prosecution Team in Bronx County for the New York City Law Department. As a result of undercover work that led to the imprisonment of a child sex offender, Clemente was recruited into the FBI. From 1998 until October 2009 he was a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. He is an expert in the fields of Sex Crimes Investigations, Sex Offender Behavior, Child Sexual Victimization, and Child Pornography. Clemente has investigated and consulted on thousands of cases involving the violent and sexual crimes, sexual victimization of children, and he has interviewed hundreds of victims and offenders. He has also testified as an expert witness and lectured on these topics across the country and around the world.

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00:01 Welcoming Jim Clemente to Crime Time.
00:30 The Bill Cosby rape saga continues--perjury and the media.
07:17 Dr. Cosby’s love-hate relationship with the African-American media.
08:45 Modus Operandi vs. ritual in sexuall assault.
10:59 The statements by the alleged victims.
15:20 Using a sympathetic journalist to make Cosby look better in the media
15:55 Bill Cosby’s wife sticking by her husband.
20:15 Boston Bombing Trial and Tsarnaev’s defense.
21:23 Video: Tsarnaev and his brother at the boston marathon.
23:05 How does this video effect the defenses statement that Tsarnaev was being controlled by his brother?
24:20 What is the difference between the Boston Bombers and the Beltway Snipers?
26:50 Do Tsarnaev’s tweets express jihadist sentiment?
28:20 Was there some kind of brainwashing going in the Boston Bombing case?
30:00 The Suge Knight hit and run case.
31:15 Video: Suge Knight Hit-and-Run Video.
32:18 Suge Knight’s record working against him.
33:40 Suge Knight did not have to hit the men with his car when fleeing.
34:45 Thank you and goodbye.