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Ayahuasca, Joan Didion & After Hours: Griffin Dunne on Harper Simon’s Talk Show

vor 4 Jahren

Griffin Dunne talks about taking Ayahuasca in South America, being raised in Hollywood, and making a documentary about Joan Didion in this hilarious and wickedly insightful interview, hosted by Harper Simon. The swinging 60’s, being raised around Dennis Hopper and Judy Garland, and how Charles Manson crashed the party, plus the unbelievable circumstances around AFTER HOURS are shared. His hilarious teenage sexual explorations, trip down the amazon, and his life both behind and in front of the camera are shared in this uncensored episode of Talk Show.

Griffin Dunne was born on June 8, 1955 in New York City, the oldest child of Dominick Dunne, a producer, actor, and writer, and Ellen Beatriz (Griffin) Dunne, an activist. He grew up mainly in Los Angeles, California and attended school in Colorado before moving back to New York in the late 1970s. As an actor, Dunne has the distinction of having starred in two 1980s cult favorites. First came the John Landis monster movie An American Werewolf in London (1981), then the Martin Scorsese black comedy After Hours(1985). Dunne has continued to appear on both sides of the camera, taking supporting roles as an actor in films like My Girl (1991) and I Like It Like That (1994). He made his directorial debut with a short film, Duke of Groove (1996), which was nominated for an Oscar, and has is in production on a documentary about Joan Didion.

Talk Show Full Episode Playlist:
Talk Show Episode Highlights Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Griffin Dunne to Talk Show
00:40 Has Griffin ever gone to an audition without underwear?
01:40 Dunne’s family and growing up around celebrities in Hollywood.
07:45 The raging parties at the Dunne household.
10:00 Too young to be a hippie--partying at hotels, and fraternizing with prostitutes.
13:40 Taking mom’s car out for a joyride on the night of the Manson murders.
18:00 Teenage rebellion and breaking into acting.
21:35 Landing the part in An American Werewolf in London.
24:00 Producing and acting in After Hours.
31:15 Dunne as a documentary filmmaker.
36:25 Dunne’s trip in the amazon.
41:45 Thanks and goodbye.