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Manifestation - Creating your reality

vor 7 Monaten

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Basic thoughts on the opportunities and options to adapt your materialized reality to your own desires and hopes: with heartfeltness and deep gratitude

Selected imagery and vivid language and a 432HZ background sound are tools, or perhaps a key, to a more common, more comprehensive consciousness.

No longer need, but can!

more info:

How to manifest reality - by Dr Holger Berges

If you think everything is getting worse in this world
We never create paradise on earth.

Then this lecture is for you.

YOU can create it !!!
And if you can create it, so can your friend or neighbor!
It starts with you and ends with us all

If we all stand together, Then mankind is only one thought away from paradise

But How?
By activating our innate creative power -
It’s no longer about having to
We really are able to

The lecture Manifestation unites knowledge from the frontiers of science with ancient, spiritual knowledge. The presented theories are scientifically deposited by experiments.

If one brings together the mentioned theories and experiences, then we humans are natural part of the creation. And as part of this creation, we also consist of energy and continually access it in the form of a higher intelligence, the creation.

We are not human beings who make a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings who make a human experience. The model of the holographic universe supports this idea.

Different, traditional prophecies see humanity in tune with cosmic cycles on the way to a higher consciousness. Provided by a critical mass of people we begin to manifest our lives through the heart, leaving the fear and the ego behind. Then the rise of mankind can happen quickly, within weeks or months. Mankind is so only a few thoughts away from paradise on earth.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to try the presented manifestation techniques.

Here is a hint:

Doubt, tension and stress are essential aspects of our mind that rob us of creativity, as we are precisely creating doubt, tension and stress.

When you realize that you are suffering from limiting beliefs, such as:

I can not do this
I'm too clumsy
I do not deserve it ... .....

then write these restrictive beliefs on a piece of paper and burn it
then write the positive, opposite beliefs on a paper like:

I can do it
I am smart
I earn it ….