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Flache Erde - Sammelkanal Flache Erde - Sammelkanal

The Earth is flat ...

Flat Earth - Love Gleasons ! Gleason map is BUNK due to DEBUNKING Itself - it is ludicrous

vor 2 Jahren

The Gleason Map ACTUALLY tells the truth, only... in a very covert but though "in your face" - once you grasped it - way). Therefore, no further words are necessary... ((it stands to reason that the Gleason map is a deliberate, fabricated forgery to undermine and derail the flat earth truth awakening, they need (and successfully implemented) a Psy-op to absorb and distract as many potential awakening ones as possible to prevent the potentially rising capacity to assimilate increasing environmental frequencies due to the exponential shift transpiring, as we speak. Due to the increase in frequency both polarities ramp up activities (for diverging continuously), thus more false flag HOAXES (no actual victims in such governmentally orchestrated events on this time line, wake up, 9/11 is an epic puppeteered HOAX !!!), financial turbulence and alike to follow, but it seems it manifests though rather slowly, step by step (that is, we would bet that no big financial crash occurs in 2016, and rest assured we would love to be wrong on that one :D what a blast this is going to be when they finally pull the plug to trash-bin the (backed by thin air) fiat currency nonsense :D !

North and south seem to be inverted (logically it would be more appropriate to have north on the left side), but this actually further cements the whole concept for the elites operate on the principle of inversion, fundamentally...

So in short the key terms are:

square, diamond, (truncated) pyramid, angled magnetic confinement-walls and roof (flat rooftop though - but the converging roof-apex - capstone - is angled), magnetic enclosed third dimensional receptacle imbedded within a 4D geometric dimensional support structure - regarding the aforementioned angle a figure of 23.4 degree is observed in reality and encoded in the heliocentric buffoonery, thus most likely absolutely "reflecting" reality (literally...) !

The regular four-sided pyramid ground base maybe also indicates the level of capacity of conducting certain dimensional frequencies (or specific energetic signatures) to disseminate them via the once world-wide pyramid grid system over the whole plane of the (dimensionally) according realm.

In a fourth (four sided) dimensional world-cycle the usage of free energy is expected and natural due to the extrapolated scientific understanding (not necessarily spiritual ....) of the civilizations being around in such cycles.

The great pyramid of Giza is factually octagonal, thus it indicates the capacity of harnessing, processing and propagating up to eight dimensional energetic signatures of frequencies.
It could be that in prior cycles the pyramid grid did uphold a certain dimensional environmental frequency that was mandatory for generating and perpetuating the specific dimensional realms.

That there is an octagonal pyramid in the center of the worlds landmasses corroborates the concept that it has functioned (and still somewhat functions on a third dimensional level) as central energy conducting device that fed the whole world wide free energy and (dimensional-fundamental) frequency network.

We are (personally) aware of 8 earthly astral dimensions (everything else beyond is soul level or frequency within this "earth" universal habitat), this dovetails perfectly with the 8-sided central energy capacitor device in the form of the great pyramid of Giza. It suggests that this earthly realm is capable of processing 8-dimensional world cycles which matches perceived multi-dimensional (hyper-)reality!!! It basically discloses a potential over all shape of an octagonal hyper cube wherein everything is existing that belongs to the electro-magnetic spectrum of this universe. But there are potentially more dimensions involved, this is subject of ongoing reconstruction of multi-dimensional blue printing.


Add the numbers on the time keeping device within the upper half of the diamond together = 30. Directly outside of the square demarcation (left side) wherein the diamond resides, there we have number 3 ( 33 ). On the other side (right side), similarly, we find the number 9 ... 3*3 (33) or 3+3+3 ... 33 encoded as well, cute :) - and yes, the duration of this video also can be easily translated into 333 and this is, in this case, intentional, because it raises the frequency of this video, if you believe 33 is merely free masonic (hoax-)coding then you have a very long way to go to actually free yourself from the 3D matrix.... ;)

The upper half of the diamond discloses the actual "general" pyramidal shape of this reality based system or realm. the small "B" (horizontal line where the two diamond halves are bisected) likely stands for "Base" as the ground Base of the realm, thus the pyramid shape above the surface as disclosed in this "map".