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Iranian 7 y/o boy completes 'Mo Salah Challenge'

vor 4 Monaten

Mohamad Taha Pourhosseini, a 7-year-old football fan from Shiraz, spoke about going viral on social media, on Monday, for almost perfectly mimicking a volley from Egyptian and #Liverpool FC forward Mohamed #Salah from behind-the-scenes of a recent Pepsi advert.

Mohamad is seen successfully shooting a ball through an improvised hoop a few times before celebrating just like his idol Mo Salah. He is also shown juggling with the ball and striking a bottle standing on top of the hoop.

"My wish is for Mohamed Salah to see me and take me to the Liverpool football academy and I play football there," the boy said.

"He practiced a lot to carry out these two challenges and he could do it within just two days. So we decided to do something so Mohamed Salah can see it and the best way to do so was Instagram," said Siavash Pourhosseini, the boy's father.

In the advert, Salah and FC Barcelona striker Lionel #Messi are trading football tricks at a gas station in an improvised contest for the last can of Pepsi in a fridge. A behind-the-scenes video was published on Salah's Instagram, where he manages to shoot down a can on top of a hoop as soon as the director shouts 'action'. This has reportedly prompted the so-called 'Mo Salah Challenge'.

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