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Premananda and Indira: The Nature of Satori

vor 5 Jahren

This interview with Premananda and Indira with the issue of Satori und awakening was done by Reinhold in summer 2013 at Open Sky House in Germany near Cologne (Jetzt-TV, Premananda, Interview07).
The nature of Satori; introduction of the movie "Satori"; flashing into a new truth; spiritual birth; glimpse into awakening; Satori means self realization; about different words describing "awakening"; when the own self disappears for some time; enlightenment does not mean to get something, but is the insight that everything is already here; the sudden shift during a transformation documented on an I-Phone video; meditation changes the functioning of the brain; the process of awakening in the practice of meditation for years; there is the self and in parallel the experienced story; following the breath leads to the self; yoga and meditation; deep peace; inner space through self enquiry; loosening of attachments; remembering oneself in Satsang; feeling less attached to thoughts, feelings and the body, out-of-body experience; life without body is difficult to imagine for many people; experiencing the limitations of the body upon returning into it; the still lake and the resting; trusting and no reason for worries; there is no before and after, just perception changes; the moment of Satori is like a birth; what happens after Satori; the young, fresh, easy and lightful feeling after Satori; being touched by a strong energy phenomenon; enlightenment leads to more simplicity; not being able to judge anymore; demystification of the imagination of enlightenment.