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Christoph Hörstel Christoph Hörstel

Bildung & Erziehung in der Politik

Global Cartels Try To Bully Turkey - Christoph Hörstel interviewed by A Haber TV 2019-4-8

vor 6 Monaten

Interview recording was done in two sessions 2019-4-7: ONE was just recorded by me - online here:
- TWO was recorded in Istanbul as well, online here:
- only TWO was subsequently used for the final broadcast.
Our dear Turkish friends are unjustly being criticized by their NATO partners' big media and some politicians - and at the same time I have some remarks on my own:
Cartels/Lodges are happy, if Turkish troops permanently occupy Syrian territory, because all they want is trouble between countries, leaders and people, no matter how and why - nationalism and Ottoman dreams always welcome...

Questions by Eda Gulsen Ulusoy

1- Why is western media making manipulations over Turkey’s election results?
2- Official poll results aren’t clear yet. But European leaders and western media sending congratulatory address to Ekrem Imamoglu of the main opposition Republican People’s Party. How do you evaluate that?
3- Why are European countries opposing recount of invalid votes? Isn’t it a legal process? We saw same thing in Austria. The Austrian Constitutional Court has ruled that the presidential election must be held again in 2016.
4- The unofficial results show that AK Party turned out to be the leading party with major outpointing. How do you evaluate AK Party’s success?
5- These elections are undeniably a victory for democracy. President Erdogan echoed this reality in his speech when he said that "Turkey has completed March 31 local elections with democratic maturity." In fact, two of the most critical measures of a functioning democracy are voter turnout and contestation. Low voter turnout has become a worldwide phenomenon in modern democracies with several major countries recently reaching their lowest voter turnout rates ever. Therefore, many governments will look with envy to Turkey’s 83 percent voter participation. What is your opinion about that?