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Abby Martin, Chomsky, Greenwald, Varoufakis - Experts, Journalists & Activists: Best of 2018-2019

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Dear supporters of acTVism Munich,

We’ve come a long way together, thanks to your donations and the commitment of our dedicated volunteers. We’ve built a truly independent non-profit & bilingual media network, which does not rely on advertisements and state or corporate funding. Since our inception our channel has accumulated 54 Million Minutes watch time,5 Million Views and 35.000 subscribers.

However, our limited capacities and resources also mean that we encounter financial difficulties and staff shortages. Our campaign to reach 750 monthly donors only won over 150 monthly donors. Hence we will be taking a break until the 28th of August to recuperate our energy and financial resources, which we will require for the next season starting in September.

We are already planning many projects for 2019 & 2020. For example we plan to travel to Russia to interview Edward Snowden personally. Furthermore we will not only continue to interview interesting experts &, activists regularly on our channel but in addition we would like to organize our major event "Global Issues in Context" again in 2020.

All of this can only be realized if we win over more monthly supporters as it will provide us the security in terms of finances to plan and execute the production of our projects. So be sure to support us today if you think independent and non-profit media is of utmost importance!

Thank you for your time and support!

Your acTVism Team

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